Content Directive: Tuesday, 4/7

 Hey team -

 Our 'Top Picks' user lists have always been a core component of our content strategy -- and that shouldn't change while we #DoStuffAtHome. 

 Now that we have SO MANY livestreams and virtual events on our sites, it's important to maintain and promote guides to the very best.

 So, today's content directive is to update your top picks user lists to include the best upcoming livestreams and digital events.
  1. Find your existing top picks user list. Can't find it? Don't know what I'm talking about? Shoot me an email!
  2. Change the title of the user list to "The Best Livestreams and Digital Events".
  3. Change the description to "From bands to comedians and DJs to drag queens, these are the best ways to #DoStuffAtHome during COVID-19."
  4. Do not change the URL; we'll want to adjust these pages again once we can go back out.
  5. Remove any cancelled events. Feel free to send the user list to me and I'll wipe it so you can start fresh, if desired.
  6. Add events to the user list by:
    • Logging in with the user on the front end and upvoting events.
      • If you'd like to change the photo on an event that came in through the national livestream scraper, please add a request (with the event and photo) to the livestream project. Our team will update it ASAP. 
        • If you update the image on your own city's event record, it will be overwritten the next time the scraper runs.
    • Voting on events from Radmin.
  7. We recommend including at least 1 event per day (at least three weeks out) and no more than 5 events per day.
    • We want the page to be easily digestible and contain only the best of the best.
    • If nothing awesome has been announced on a certain date farther into the future, then don't include anything! Better to go for quality than quantity on this.
    • Your list should always have at least two pages of events (50 events). 
  8. Feature your list in your top nav, featured links, daily emails, in your Feed, and on social media.
  9. Check out Do312's page for an example.
  10. Holler with questions.
​ Rock.​