Content Directive: Tuesday, 4/28

 Hey all -

 The 'Sanitize a Punk Album' contest is now live and all of the deliverables are scheduled in Asana

 Liz has built a suite of design assets (linked within each task), and Stuart has built a localized version of each page for you to promote. Since the content is coming from an embedded widget, all of the local pages will automatically mirror each other: Any submission uploaded on one page will be seen on all of them.

 Today's content directive is to review those deliverables and let me know if you have any questions. The launch tasks are scheduled for Thursday, but feel free to start promoting the contest immediately.

 If you don't have deliverables, it means that you haven't yet committed to joining this initiative! Come join us! If you haven't joined yet, please let me know what questions/concerns you may have. This is absolutely one of the best things you can be doing for engagement and traffic right now.

 This is going to be awesome!