Content Directive: Tuesday, 4/21

 Team -

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 Our giveaway non-winner emails can be very helpful in reminding users about livestreams they're interested in attending. With so many livestreams, it can be hard to keep track of it all. These are great tools to offer partners to add value to a livestream promotion package, as they allow us to easily message every user who has engaged with the associated event to make sure no one forgets to tune in.

 To make the most of your (or your partner's) livestream, we recommend that you:
  • Create a giveaway on the associated event page.
  • Include a giveaway offer of: "Win [an awesome prize (or prizes) related to the event]!"
  • Feature language near the top of the event description that repeats the giveaway offer and mentions: "All entrants will also receive a reminder email before the livestream begins."
  • Pick your giveaway winner(s) and communicate them to the partner as normal.
  • Leverage our giveaway non-winner email functionality to send a reminder message to every entrant before the event.
 Unfamiliar with setting up giveaway non-winner emails? Check out this helpful article; I also demonstrate this functionality in minute 40 of this video

 Speaking of keeping track of livestreams: We've added a guide to all upcoming livestreams presented by our cities to the #DoStuffAtHome Content Hub. Please let me know what your city has going on so we can feature it! Catch y'all tonight for Day Two of BRB Fest ft. James McMurtry & Tate Mayeux.✌