Content Directive: Tuesday, 3/17

 Hey team -

 Important content updates for today.

 1) HIDE ALL IRRELEVANT EVENTS FROM YOUR DAILY LISTINGS. If all (or almost all) of the events in your city have been cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future, we ask that you please hide them all from your listings pages and feature only listings for live streams and digital content. This is best accomplished by excluding certain categories' events from your site's Shortcuts, which include your home page (read more about those here). To do this:
  • Create a category that contains all the events you do want to show within your daily listings during any city-wide moratoriums on events 
  • Assign all relevant events to that category
  • Hide all the other categories' events from your home page shortcut (which is usually called 'What To Do' in Radmin -> Content -> Shortcuts)
  • Hide all the other shortcuts from your drop-down selector (via the 'Display' box within each shortcut)
***If you'd like to surface events happening farther into the future via email and social, we recommend doing so via user lists such as "The Best Events This September", "Just Announced", "Rescheduled Shows", etc. Category and shortcut settings have no effect on user lists. This is less of a directive as we will trust you to identify what's appropriate for your city. 

 2)  To further direct users to the most relevant parts of your site, we can also localize your "Important Notice" banners to surface the best of your appropriate content; just let us know what you'd like this to say and link to. Check out DoNYC if you'd like to see an example of this done quite well.
----Here's a cool thing to share on social via the band, Mighty Oaks, to show solidarity with your local venues! The Oaks had upcoming shows scheduled in Nashville, Chicago, LA and more. We wouldn't recommend getting too heavy-handed with the language here and explicitly mentioning the likelihood of lots of our favorite indie venues going bankrupt, but rather saying something more along the lines of "Let's help however we can ❤️." or something like that. Great look for local venue partners.
----We're going to leverage the hashtag #dostuffathome and we'd love if everyone can join in to increase the virality of our great content to help people make the most of this time. (We're also changing our logo on social accounts to DoStuff at Home temporarily: If anyone else is interested in similar, just ask!)

 Also, many of you have asked what to do with your pending queues! We recommend not approving pages of events at a time as per usual, but rather only going in to 'cherry pick' individual events that you know are happening. These may include events announced this week for later in the year, events (or rescheduled events) that an advertiser specifically mentions wanting up on the site, and more.

 Please let us know if you'd like any help implementing any of these items! We're here for you.