Content Directive Tuesday, 12/1 - Product and Non-Event Giveaways

 As we expand our client base and run more giveaways for products and gift cards, we thought this would be an excellent time to sync on the best practices for setting up a product giveaway.

 The following guidelines apply to any giveaway that is not attached to an actual event; We just thought that 'Product Giveaway' sounded a lot cleaner than 'Non-Event Giveaway'. Examples include: "Win a $100 gift certificate to Example Local Restaurant"; "Win a limited edition vinyl"; and "Win a merch pack and swag bag".

 We want to make sure these product giveaways:
  • Are easy to set up
  • Are easy for users to enter
  • Are searchable on the sites (especially so clients can find them)
  • Appear on our Giveaways user lists
  • Do not display in our daily listings (as our daily listings should only be things to do)
  • Look as rad as possible given the tools available to us
 Here's how to set up your first product giveaway:
  • Set up your event page and associated giveaway as you normally would for a regular event.
  • Create a task in the Design Requests project, assign it to Stuart, and tell him that you'd like him to set up your first Product Giveaway
  • He will then transform this giveaway into a proper Product Giveaway, which will include:
    • Creating a Product Giveaway category in your city's Radmin
    • Preventing events with the Product Giveaway category from displaying in your city's daily listings
    • Removing the portions of the event that don't apply, such as start time and, in many cases, venue (example)
    • Creating a custom Giveaway Confirmation Mandrill template for Product Giveaways
    • Providing you with simple instructions for setting up more Product Giveaways in this future.
 Please note that these events are not to be "Hidden", as hidden events are not searchable and do not display on the Giveaways pages. 

 Properly setting up Product Giveaways via the instructions above ensures that:
  • These giveaways get eyeballs and engagement in all the proper places
  • The user experience when entering these giveaways is optimized for our platform
  • We avoid polluting our home page and daily event listings with listings for things that are not events and things to do, which would compromise our primary goal of helping people find awesome stuff to do (IRL or at home for now) any night of the week.
 We'll continue to use splash pages for larger giveaways with bigger spends attached, such as the Coors Staycation. The Product Giveaway event page is intended for small buys and partnerships for which you would have previously created an event page rather than a splash page.

 For more information about how you can use Categories & Shortcuts to display certain events in your daily listings, please read this article.

 Please holler with questions!

 Love y'all,