Content Directive: Thursday, June 18th

 Hey team -

 We've done a great job making guides to Black-Owned Restaurants, Black-Owned Businesses, Black-Owned Art Spaces, and more. Now, we need to make sure that all of our evergreen content pieces - Best New Restaurants, Best New Bars, Top Picks, etc - also properly represent Black and minority-owned businesses, artists, and neighborhoods. 

 Today's content directive is to task yourself with updating those evergreen pages accordingly. Pro tip: Use this guide to find your highest-trafficked pages for the past year. Then, work from your most-visited pages down, updating all relevant pages. This is a great opportunity to audit all of your top-performing content pieces. Pace yourself: It's a large project. Dedicate some time to it each day and watch your content blossom. (Also, fresher/updated content -> better SEO).

 New in our Editorial Creative folder (thanks, Liz!): assets for Juneteenth, Black-Owned Businesses, Black Causes & Charities, and more. Promoting like pros.

 As we continue to update our Juneteenth user lists, I wanted to share some pro tips for sourcing content from the creators of the first Juneteenth user list, Rhea Foote and Zach Haught. They say:

 We made a point to follow Black organizations, hashtags, and poc influencers, musicians, etc and spend about an hour each day scrolling our feed for possible events and "amplify black voices" content. We were also able to find events on eventbrite and facebook simply by searching "juneteenth". Since we are still doing live streams, even though there weren't a ton of local celebrations, we were able to bulk up the user with a couple live streams. Hope that helps!

 Also, props to everyone who has made a Permanently Closed Restaurants (and Bars) piece: These articles have amassed over 150,000 combined page views in the past month.

 Love you all!