Content Directive: Thursday, July 2nd

 Hey team -

 Part I: Editorial Carousels

 We've been looking for a way to better integrate editorial content into our home page and listings pages for awhile now. That need has been amplified as /p pages have accounted for 34% of our page views since March, up from 9% over the same period last year.

 And, thanks to the illustrious Stuart Casey, Liz Roseberry and Scott Owens, we now have a solution! 

 We're going to leverage Radmin's 'Mobile Featured Links' fields to display content on the home page, listings pages and Feed pages as seen here: We'll be deploying that feature on Monday.

 Our ask for you (ASAP!) is to add 3-6 pages of your choosing to Radmin -> Mobile -> Featured Links, along with 1200x450px text-free images for each page, so that this feature can roll out as successfully as possible on Monday. How exciting, right?! You can even thumb through the features on mobile. Ooh la la!

 Please avoid including duplicate content in your nav and carousels. The navigation bars are meant to be, well, navigation: they're not meant to change. If you go to, you'll always see NFL, NBA, MLB, etc in their nav; we should take a similar approach. All of our nav links should be evergreen (relevant all year round) and core parts of our product (eg - Advertise, Top Picks, Giveaways, etc). We've historically been more lax about nav content than we'd like because we didn't have a better solution for featuring editorial content on our home pages -- but now we do! 

 Part II: National Oil Day

 July 10th is National Oil Day (AKA Dab Day), celebrating cannabis oils and extracts. Check out this explanation of the holiday from Leafly. If cannabis is legal in your city, then our directive for YOU is to make a guide to dispensaries' (and delivery services', if possible) specials for National Oil Day in your city.

 The page should be a standard /p page format with a selection of up to 15 businesses -- featuring, for each business: a photo, name, address, and 1-3 sentences explaining the specials, anything unique to the dispensary (what sets it apart?), and any notes on when/how the dispensary is currently open (eg - pickup only, etc).

 The title should be National Oil Day Cannabis Sales in City Name.
 Please let us know if you have any questions on either part of this directive! And have a wonderful (safe) 4th of July weekend,