Content Directive: Thursday, 4/30


 As restaurants and businesses prepare to open in many of our cities, it's important to provide our users with information about reopenings. 

 Today's content directive is to create a guide to Reopened Restaurants, Bars & Businesses in your city. This is an article page with the title "Reopened City Name Restaurants, Bars & Businesses" and URL "/p/reopened-city-name-restaurants-bars-businesses. While bars will be reopening after restaurants in most every occasion, it's important to include them in the title now, so that we don't have to change the page once they're open. Also, this might not be an appropriate guide to make right now in every market, but it will be relevant soon everywhere, and so I'd recommend making this as soon as your city begins to lift restrictions to get ahead of the curve (and reap the SEO benefits).

 It is VITAL to the future of our business that we nail the language and tone of this page:
  • We don't want to explicitly encourage people to go out: Our duty is to provide information about reopenings and the new policies of newly-reopened establishments. It's up to our audience to make their own decisions about what they feel comfortable doing. We want them to be safe.
  • We need to completely avoid the politics of the situation. If we get caught up in that, we'll fail. It is not our duty to report what we feel is or isn't right, only the facts.
  • While we don't want to explicitly encourage people to go out, we also don't want to discourage them. It's a fine line to walk, but we know you can do it! And we'd love to review your pages before you publish them to provide feedback.
 There are only so many businesses that you can include on one /p page. We recommend focusing on restaurants that have reopened for dine-in, bars (when available), and businesses which have reopened to physical visitors. Don't forget to reference our guide to sourcing content, and keep an eye out for potential inclusions from your amplification projects. If a type of business isn't reopening yet, mention that! Conclude your piece by linking to your 'restaurants open for delivery and take-out' page, and any other relevant content for users to read next.

 Please let us know what questions you have! Again, it's super important to nail the language on these pages, so we'd love to review any of your work in advance if you'd like. There will be a day when we'll want to encourage people to go out safely. Heaven knows we're looking forward to it.

 Lastly, a BIG shout out to Matt Dixon of Do214 for sparking this recommendation!