Content Directive: Thursday, 4/23


 I'd be remiss if I didn't devote a content directive to our network's highest-trafficked page of the past month: Do312's collection of their favorite 'Stay Home' memes by Chicago mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

 This page has amassed 42,000 page views (!!!) in the past month -- 64% from Google and 23% from email -- indicating a widespread desire for some tasteful levity in these trying times.
 Here's what Do312's CM, Katie Karpowicz, had to say about how this page came together: 

 We noticed these Lori Lightfoot memes taking over our social media feeds (and an internal Do312 text thread), so we figured that if enough people in our collective social circles were joking about it, it was appropriately fun enough for Do312 as a brand to talk about, too. Then the light-hearted Youtube video that Mayor Lightfoot put out made us totally feel like this was fair game. 

 Look for social media trends in your city. They can be funny and/or meme-based, but be sure that you're including some messaging in your article about continuing to take the pandemic/stay-home orders seriously even amidst some much-needed humor. The best thing about this type of article is that the content is already there for you! You just need to aggregate and organize it.

 Your directive today is to see where this inspiration takes you! Create a fun page that's timely, strengthens your brand, and brings some much-needed laughter to your community.