Content Directive: Thursday, 4/2


 Today's content directive is to update your welcome email to be aligned with your current brand voice.

 Every new user receives a welcome email when signing up for your site, regardless of signup source. It's incredibly important to start things off on the right foot.

 To edit this email:
  • Login to MailChimp, then select Reports, then select Mandrill Reports to login to Mandrill
  • Once inside Mandrill, select Outbound -> Templates -> Welcome (or drop into your browser)
  • Make the desired changes to the HTML. Please don't remove these conditional segments.
  • Select Preview and Test -> Preview to preview the email.
  • Select Preview and Test -> Test to send yourself a test.
  • Select Publish to save your changes.
  • Send yourself a live version of the welcome email by registering for your site with "+422020" included just before the "@" of your email address (eg - This will create a new user on our site, but Gmail will treat this address as your regular one.
 Here's an example of a welcome email we really like, and here's the raw HTML for that same email for you to use. If you're less familiar with HTML, here's a great resource for learning any code snippets you'll need to leverage while editing.
 For further reading, check out this article discussing the impacts of your first few emails on long-term email deliverability.

 Let us know if you have questions!