Content Directive: Thursday, 4/16

 Hey team!

 Today's content directive is to produce a guide to the Best Local Archival Concerts You Can Stream.

 This piece has been among the 7 highest-trafficked pages in the past month for all 3 cities who have produced it (#4 for Do214, #6 for DoLA, and #7 for Do312), with most of the traffic coming from email. Do312 also benefited greatly after this Tweet was retweeted by BTS, which resulted in 911 total retweets.
 We recommend the title "Best (City Name) Archival Concerts You Can Stream" and the URL "/p/best-city-name-archival-concerts-you-can-stream". Liz has created promotional assets for use across your channels; a reminder that you can add your own photos behind the template .pngs to make the assets extra-local. We're recommending this page today because it also makes for an excellent piece to highlight from within your 420 guides, as per Chicago's example.

 Here are some pro tips for creating and promoting your pages from each of the cities who have built them:

 From Do312's Ami York:

Focus on 'Legendary venues': ones that have been around for a good while and are still around today (for Chicago that is Metro, Aragon, etc)
'Lost venues,' venues that were once a major player in the scene (for Chicago that would be Fireside Bowl)
'Legendary concerts in history' - first show before the band blew up (a la Nirvana on the Bleach tour), last show ever (grateful deads last show before Garcia's passing was in Chicago)
'Hometown shows' when bands play their hometown amidst a large world tour (this would be Smashing Pumpkins for Chicago)
Artists whose tours were recently canceled due to Covid-19 (a la Rage Against the Machine)
Past Festival footage from your town
BTS - if available, break the internet
Another thing, make sure you are able to find footage of the whole show! not just a song or two, make it a concerts-worth! 

From 214's Lucas Buckels:

I searched for iconic and now-closed places first like The Bronco Bowl
Looked for currently operating venues like House of Blues next
Also tried to find footage of "legendary" Dallas concerts like the Nirvana Trees incident and Sex Pistols playing Texas Ballroom
Broke the page down by venue and then Misc with some brief history of background but was mostly just links to the Youtube vids

From DoLA's Maddie Sensibile:

For LA I started with the following:
I saw the idea from 312, and immediately thought of shows that have been filmed here in LA - my first answer was Stop Making Sense, naturally. 
What big rock groups made their way through your city in the 70s/80s? 
If you need a starting point for the above, you can check out this article from Rolling Stone
Think of any big festival moments that have come through your town, for us, that is of course Coachella, so we wanted to include at least one major Coachella performance in the last two decades, so we chose Daft Punk.
We also found some archival audio records of shows from the early 00s from bands like Arcade Fire + Arctic Monkeys, which allowed us to change up the vibe from just being about The Rolling Stones or Bowie coming through town in the 70s.
Ask your team for their picks! My music taste is very rock-focused, so I asked my team for a mix so that we could have a more fleshed out, inclusive article. 

We hope this sets you up for success! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Also, can we pause for a second and reflect on how lucky we are that we get to talk about stuff like this for our JOBS?!

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