Content Directive: Thursday, 3/26

 Hey fam.

 From music to beer and liquor to cannabis, our COVID-19 recommendations have focused on a variety of verticals -- but we haven't yet given any love to the sweat-wrenching superstars keeping us swoll. 

 That's why today's content directive is to create an article (/p page) featuring Local Gyms & Yoga Studios Livestreaming Classes (/p/city-name-gyms-and-yoga-studios-livestreaming-classes). These businesses are closed to physical visitors and need our support.

 These guides should live on article pages and should feature only locally-owned gyms, yoga studios, pilates studios, etc. Check out Do312's piece for inspo. Please feel encouraged to also include other ways residents can provide support in addition to livestreaming classes, signing up for Zoom trainings, etc. We don't want to all get stuck working out at Globo Gym.

 Do your research! Katie K from Chicago recommends the following:
  • Reach out to your fitness-focused advertisers/partners and ask what they're offering. 
  • Start bigger and work your way down: She began her research with the bigger, multi-location facilities in Chicago, thinking they'd probably have a clearer digital plan in place.
  • Don't wait until you have every gym listed to publish your page: Much like building a page with every single restaurant that's still delivering, it's better to build out a solid base and then add a note to the page requesting businesses email submissions to
 As always, we also recommend inviting submissions via your local brand's social channels, as well as your personal ones.

 And while I have you:
  • Please remember to hashtag #DoStuffAtHome on all of your social posts that relate in any way to helping people connect with and/or support our local communities in this time.
  • Use #DoStuffAtHome as the venue for all of your livestreams and digital events.
 Working together -> Exponential growth.

 Never skip leg day,