Content Directive: Thursday, 3/19

 Hey team!

 Create an article highlighting Special Offers to Support (City) Businesses (p/special-offers-to-support-your-city-name-businesses).

 Lots of local businesses are running awesome (and often hilarious) deals to make it easy for us to help keep them in business. Let's support them by highlighting these offers on an article page (aka /p page). Need a refresher on creating editorial pages? Check this out.

 We recommend checking restaurants' social media for deals first, starting with Instagram. To further help collect deals, we recommend creating a Google Form and promoting it via your daily email, Twitter and IG Stories. Since adding links to posts on Facebook tends to decrease reach, we recommend making text-only posts on your city's page as well as your personal pages when requesting intel. Link to your Google Form from within your article so that you can start promoting the article and collecting submissions simultaneously ASAP.

 Do this ASAP! And if you're in an O&O market, please let me know if you're unable to knock out this task as your first priority for your next working hours the moment this email is sent. These assignments are absolutely the highest priority. I wouldn't be sending this if they weren't!