Content Directive: Monday, May 11th

 Hey team!

 Happy Monday. It's May 11th, which means Memorial Day is 2 weeks away. It's going to be a weird one - but a 3-day weekend is still a 3-day weekend, am I right?

 Today's content directive is to create a Memorial Day 2020 guide. Make it on a /p page and publish it early this week to get ahead of users' searches (even if you do a majority of the promotion on the week of the 18th).

 We recommend a title such as "New York Parks & Campgrounds Open on Memorial Day 2020". Let's dig into that title a bit:
  • It's up to you whether it makes more sense to use your city name (Austin), your region name (The Bay Area), or your state name (New York). What would be most useful to your users?
  • You're welcome to add additional types of attractions (eg "Restaurants") to the title of the guide. It really depends on what's open in your city, and how much you're focusing on a wide region (such as your whole state) vs. your specific city. Just make sure that your piece is easy to digest and that your title isn't too long.
  • Since this is a very unique Memorial Day, we need to lean more on our wits and less on historical data. What are your users going to be most interested in doing this Memorial Day? What's your weather going to be like? Is anything notable happening in your city that day?
  • Be sure to Google "Memorial Day DoXYZ" and check for any old/outdated pages that may need to be redirected into your current page. Feel free to email us with any redirect requests.
  • Please feel free to bounce strategy questions off of us! We're here to help as best we can.
Have an amazing week everyone!