Content Directive: Monday, June 8th

 Hey team -

 We had previously directed everyone to make a Father's Day Gift Guide. Since then, we've been working our butts off to help you monetize those guides -- and we have big news:

 In this doc, please find a number of products for which you can earn affiliate revenue.
 Add these products to your Father's Day guides. Promote your guides. Get paid for every sale you drive.

 We've provided every city with a unique tracking link for each product. Follow the links in the Doc to find your city's version of each link. This initiative is open to all cities! We're tracking all sales and will send everyone their shares of revenue they drive.

 Go add these products into your Father's Day Guides! And if you don't have a Father's Day Guide yet, build one now! (We just did most of the work for you.)

 We've also included images and sample copy in the doc; feel free to change the copy -- but do not change your city's tracking link. We'll follow up with each team at the end of the month re: revenue driven so you can submit invoices to DoStuff.

 Also! Liz has created a Pride icon for every city to use as their social icons. Her goal in designing them was to incorporate each of the colors in the all-inclusive flag. Thanks, Liz!

 Lastly, as mentioned earlier today, we're working through a detailed directive for the next phase of our content strategy. We'll have that to you ASAP.

 Let's go sell some papa-centric products!