Content Directive: Monday, June 1st

 This directive was originally sent in multiple parts.


 Hey all -

 As promised, we've been working hard on a daily email for the whole network to send (ideally, a localized version of).

 The email will have four parts:
  • a statement of solidarity
  • ways for people to donate
  • educational resources
  • mental health resources
 I expect to have this email ready for you to localize within the next 60-90 minutes. I will send it back to this thread the moment I have it.

 In the meantime, please spend time compiling hyperlocal resources re: ways for people to donate, educational resources and mental health resources, so that you can add them in once our shell of the email is ready.

 No need to build out guides or pages on your site. We should hyperlink our emails right to these resources / websites. This isn't a traffic play; it's about making the biggest impact possible.




 Here is the email for today. We encourage you to localize it if you can. Then, send it out ASAP. Let us know if you have questions.

 We encourage you to share similar content on social media for the rest of the day: impactful ways to donate, ways to educate yourself, how to stay healthy. 

 As mentioned in the email, we will join our peers from the music industry tomorrow in observing “Black Out Tuesday” by muting our email and social channels to create more space for dialogue. This will include:
  • going dark on email and social (as mentioned)
  • replacing our social icons with black squares
  • updating the sites' 'message from DoXYZ'
  • encouraging our teams to go volunteer / help out in their local communities
  • refraining from external communication
  • putting up OOO messages that explain what we're up to
 We'll send more concrete directives about the above later this afternoon. In the meantime, let's get that email out!

 Thank you so much to everyone who pitched in to help make this messaging the best it can be in these difficult and painful times. Onward.