Content Directive: Monday, July 20th

 Team DoStuff -

 This April, an all-star ensemble of 30 musicians and filmmakers, led by musician/multimedia artist Mobley and featuring members of Spoon, A Giant Dog and Wild Child, plus Jackie Venson, Shakey Graves and many more, created a collaborative visual album entitled A Home Unfamiliar. 

 "Inspired by the surrealist parlour game “Consequences,” each artist had two days to create their segment, having seen or heard only a small portion of the previous artist’s contribution. The end product is a single collective work that explores this unique moment of both profound isolation & interconnectedness. Moving and surprisingly cohesive, A Home Unfamiliar is a unique document of our unique times."

 A Home Unfamiliar premiered last Friday, July 17th, on Alamo Drafthouse's website; it costs $4.99 to rent, with all proceeds going to the Central Texas Food Bank and the DAWA Fund, which helps people of color who are experiencing short term life crisis.

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