Content Directive: Monday, 4/27

 Hello everyone!

 We've been working with former Do312 GM and current Riot Fest Creative Director, Jeremy Scheuch, on a rad competition to engage our users on Twitter.

 Presenting the #CoverTheCoverPhotoChallenge! Here's the plan:

We’ll challenge our Twitter fans to show us how they can cover some iconic Album Covers while they are at home. It will look something like this. Each photo challenge will have a short video by Jeremy to explain the rules and give an example of what to do.

  • For each Photo Challenge, we will give participants 30mins to complete. 

  • All submissions must tag @DoXYZ and use the hashtag: #CoverTheCoverPhotoChallenge

  • All participants will be entered for a chance to win a $25 Gift Card from a local bar/restaurant that delivers.

  • We’ll conduct three rounds, after each round we’ll announce a winner - and initiate the next round!

  • All three rounds will take place back-to-back, at the same time in every city.

​ We're still nailing down the final details for this promotion, but we wanted to give you the heads up now so that you could start getting your city set up for success with this initiative:
  1. Let us know that you're IN!
  2. This week: Line up three local gift cards to use in your city's portion of this competition.
    1. This is likely best done by whomever handles your social media and/or partnerships: Hit up some awesome local restaurants who are currently running promotions - and whom you've featured recently - and ask them if they want to be included.
      • Direct messaging on social (especially IG) has historically proven to be the most fruitful way to engage these partners unless you have a direct relationship.
      • Though the competition will be taking place on Twitter, we'll be promoting the contest across our site, email and social channels; we can drive awareness of their current marketing initiatives when promoting the contest.
      • Please focus on local bars and restaurants that deliver.
  3. Let us know if you have any connections to any huge national artists (>500K FB followers) who would be into co-promoting the contest if we featured their cover. The cover must be fun, unique, and very recognizable. 
 We'll keep you updated frequently as we begin to finalize the details of this promotion: We're hoping to launch within the next 2 weeks. Please don't hesitate with any questions in the meantime!

 Cheers -