Content Directive: Monday, 4/20


 We laid out instructions and best practices for your 420 guides earlier in the month. Hopefully, you've long since finished your editions and are reaping the sticky icky organic search benefits.

 So, onto the future: I don't know about you, but if I can buy some hand sanitizer and support a local business at the same time, consider me wooed. 

 Do615 and Do617's users must agree, since both of their pieces on Where to Get Hand Sanitizer are among their 4 highest-trafficked pages of the past month. 

 Lots of local businesses (mostly distilleries) have started selling their own hand sanitizers as a means to stay afloat and help the community at the same time. Let's get the word out about their efforts.

 Today's content directive is to create your own Where To Get Hand Sanitizer piece, with a title of "Where to Get Hand Sanitizer in (City Name)" and a URL of "p/where-to-get-hand-sanitizer-in-city-name.

 Do615 holds the lead for the highest-trafficked edition of this page so far with 2,250 page views, mostly from email. Who can break their record?

 Here's what Do615 Content Manager, Rhea Foote, had to say about how their page came together:

 I began seeing a few local distilleries sharing that they'd put a pause on spirit-making and started using their facilities to make sanitizing products. I made note of the ones I saw on Instagram, and then reached out to the others -- if you have a distillery tours page, just run down that list. If they hadn't posted about making sanitizer, I sent them a quick message to double check. I only had a few to start, but included my email on the page and have since received a couple more to feature.
 That's about it! This also came from a personal need to find sanitizer - basically everywhere is sold out so I thought it would be helpful! 

 If businesses other than distilleries are making hand sanitizer in your market, please feature them. Just keep it local. Please refer to the DoStuff Guide to Sourcing Content for more fact-finding inspiration.

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