Content Directive: Monday, 4/13


 Today's content directives are to:
 For the purpose of:
  • showing our users, clients and colleagues all the awesome content we have
  • providing an example of how they can meaningfully engage with said content to add value to their days
 We're being bombarded by awesome livestreams everywhere we look, and our platform offers a great way to collect all of your favorite events in one organized place.

 You can update your profile on our websites by:
 Once you've built an awesome profile:
  • Share it on social: Facebook, Twitter, IG, LinkedIn. Check out Ami York's awesome post from last week.
  • Share it on your site's channels: social media, email, Feed. Link to your staff picks from Top Picks. Get creative.
  • Send it to your friends so you can plan streams to watch together.
Updating your personal profile offers a GREAT opportunity to check your site for accuracy:
  • Are any events missing from your listings?
  • Are any cancelled or inaccurate events in your listings?
  • Do your cover photos look jammin'?
  • Do your favorite events have proper 'Watch' links and helpful descriptions?
 Please request changes to any existing events made by the national livestream scrapers via this project. Let's all help each other help our cities party accurately [from home].

 We're adding new livestreams to the sites every minute: Make yourself a daily repeating Asana task to stay updated. This should be fun, right?! We like art, right?!?!