Content Directive: Monday, 3/30


 Today's assignment is to co-host a live stream with a local artist this week(end)

 We've seen how powerful we can be as a network when promoting these livestreams nationally. That's a beautiful thing, and we'll keep doing that.

 But we also need to focus on each of our local communities. Whether they're DJs, musicians, comedians or drag queens, there are Mels in every city just waiting to start a party. Let's scout out the best possible partners and support them with local media.

 Here's what co-hosting a local livestream actually entails:
  • We give artists a 'featured event' promotion:
    • Site
      • Event page
      • 1/4-page display ad
      • Post on Feed
    • Email
      • Content block
      • 1/4-page display ad
    • Social
      • Twitter post
      • IG Story post
      • FB post
      • FB event page (we'll make the artist a co-host)
    • Giveaway & RSVP Platform
      • We'll run a promotion of their choosing to build awareness and grow their opt-in list
  • Artists execute the live stream:
  • Artists promote the stream (and attached RSVP/giveaway):
    • On their social channels:
      • 2 Twitter posts
      • 2 IG Story posts
      • FB post
    • Via their email list
    • Direct all promotion to local city's FB page ("Tune into Do312's page this Friday night to see...")
    • Tag #DoStuffAtHome
  • They shout us out on the stream.
 Pro tip from Scott Cramer: Find like minded local partners to get in the fold as well (venues, other partners: ex- if it's fitness, loop in a sport and social partner, and so on). Everyone wins. We will also learn more as we go on these, since this is such a new world!

 We're excited to see who you partner with! Who has questions?!