Content Directive: Monday, 3/23

 Sup, squad.

 On Friday, we launched #DoStuffAtHome and have been telling the world about our (incredible) new (temporary) brand.

 This week, it is of paramount importance that we strengthen our brand through outstanding, engaging, timely content.

 Our brand starts with our sites' home pages. For this reason, today's content assignment is to make sure your homepage perfectly reflects our new brand.

 1. Listings. Listings. Listings. This is how we won as a brand before; this is how we win as a brand now. Lots of people are doing this: We HAVE to do this better than everyone else.
  • Help us scrape national livestreams onto all the sites by adding new streams to this Asana project. We'll scrape in everything you add. And we'll continue organizing and refining that project as we go. Our national scrapers now run automatically every 15 minutes, and we're working on more solutions for getting these events up more quickly. That's a big focus this week.
  • Keep adding local livestreams and virtual events to your sites. This is important; it's an excellent use of local personpower.
    • Interface with local artists, venues, promoters and partners. Ask them what they have going on. Let them know when they're listed. Ask them if they want to do giveaways ('Win a song request!') and RSVPs to help build their opt-in lists. Be present. Be present. Be present.
 2. Top navigation. You get 4 custom links. Pick the ones that best serve your brand in this era. Here's how to update them. Pick ones that you won't be changing often; it's jarring for users to have the navigation changed on them too frequently.
 3. Featured links. These display in your search flyout modal and in the footer of your site. You get 10 custom links. Here's how to update them.

 4. Latest/Feed. Make sure you're posting all of your recent, amazing content to the Feed. This content displays on and also in the footer of your site. Here's how to make a Latest post.

 5. Brand Ads (coming soon!). We'll have display and social assets to accompany our editorial recommendations within the next few days. (Nothing you have to do here until then.)

 Help us (Liz) make you awesome assets! Please drop any and every photo of you doing stuff at home, streaming stuff, working from home, playing with your pets, making quarantinis, or anything else that's illustrative of this era into this folder. We've had difficulty sourcing royalty free photos and can use your help. (Who doesn't want to help LIZ?!)

 OK cool GO! And freaking STAY SAFE. STAY HOME. Maintain proper social distances when you do have to go out. We love y'all too much. ❤