Content Directive: Friday, May 8th

 Friday I'm-In-Lovers -

 Today's content directive is to use Google Trends to inform your content creation strategy. 

 Google Trends is a free service from Google that allows you to compare relative search data for multiple queries across different regions and time ranges.

 Let's say you're deciding between making one of two guides: Pizza Delivery and Alcohol Delivery. You could use Google Trends to see which of the two queries is more commonly searched in your market

 You can also use Trends to influence your titles. Let's say you decide on a Pizza Delivery Guide. You can use Trends to compare different queries that you can use - and ideally combine - in your page title and permalink.

 You can also use Trends to look at search data over time, to make sure you're updating seasonal pieces in time each year.

 I use Google Trends every day. You should too! Watch this video to get started.

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