Content Directive: Friday, May 29th

 Hey gang!

 As promised, we have updated the top banners on your sites! (Thanks to Stuart for doing.) I selected three relevant top editorial pages to be featured in those banners - but please give a shout if you'd like to swap any of those out. This is also a great opportunity to reexamine your top nav links and, whenever possible, move toward returning those links exclusively to evergreen, 'core' content such as Giveaways and Top Picks (which, at this point, may include both digital and physical events). If possible, please avoid repeating links between the two locations. And do let me know if you'd like any reccos on what should go where. (Want to see stats on Top Nav link clicks? Head to Google Analytics -> Behavior -> Events -> Top Events -> Main Nav -> Featured Link.)

 We have a winner for our Riot Fest - 'Sanitize a Punk Album' contest: Sidney F (@Faanunuillustration). She's been added to the top of your contest pages. Give her a shout on social media! Riot Fest also graciously gifted pairs of tickets to the next festival to the 2nd and 3rd-place winners. In heavier news, we had to disqualify the person with the most votes for using bots (boo!). If you get any questions about that, feel free to loop me in.

 Now that Memorial Day has passed, we recommend leveraging all of the research that you did to make your Memorial Day guides to build a more general piece on state parks open in your area. We recommend a /p page with the title '(State Name) State Parks Open Today'. It seems likely that state parks will continue to draw a ton of interest as we head into the summer months while partially-reopened at most.

 Here's a cool tip from Stuart! Dealing with some funky /p page HTML? Paste it into this HTML Beautifier to automatically format it, making it considerably easier to work with.

 Now that we have more data around reopening-related search queries, we're seeing far more searches for 'Open' businesses than 'Reopened' businesses. With that in mind, we recommend you use the word 'Open' rather than 'Reopened' in the titles for all new guides to restaurants, bars, etc.

 Let's close the month strong! We'll have updated network stats for May and April ready for everyone to peruse next week.✌