Content Directive: Friday, May 15th

 Content Constituents -

 Our network's highest-trafficked page of the month was just published on Monday (!!!). It's already amassed over 28,000 page views. It is one of the most successful pieces EVER in its city.

 I'm speaking about Do317's guide to Permanently Closed Restaurants in Indianapolis. In just four days live, it's already brought in:
  • Over 17K page views from email.
  • Over 10K page views from Facebook (where it also has 62 comments and 75 shares).
 Today's content directive is to replicate this piece in your market. It's HEARTBREAKING that we should be talking about this, but it's clearly catalyzing conversation in our communities.

 Here's what Do317's team of Gabby (who wrote the piece), Vinny (who wrote the email) and Aaron (GM extraordinaire) had to say about how it came together:

Mostly it comes down to being timely, following closely what's happening in your city on social media, and understanding sympathy vs. empathy when thinking about the tone of the email and social media. We also strategically chose the share image we used — Brugge was a pretty major closing for one of our neighborhoods, so we knew more people would be interested in that than, say, including Logan's Roadhouse.

We found the majority of the restaurant closings via the restaurants' social media. There's also a locally-viral Facebook post going around that included many of the restaurants we included. We made sure that we didn't include any restaurants that are rumoured to have closed until we have confirmation from the restaurant's social media itself.

The restaurant scene, outside of the Indy 500, is what our city is most well-known for. Food-related editorial is one of our biggest traffic drivers, especially with the pandemic (Delivery + Takeout Guide and Carry Out Margaritas have both performed extremely well). We knew our audience would want to know about restaurants closing in the city, making it super timely content for us to produce and relatively easy to research. Plus, as more closings inevitably come in, we can continue using this piece in the newsletter and on social by updating it.

Which leads to tone. Any restaurant closing is sad, but this is magnified given the current situation. We wanted to make sure we weren't cheeky (i.e. "Pour one out for these restaurants," etc.), because this is a pretty serious and sensitive thing for us to cover.  Being sympathetic is one thing, but our staff is also actively mourning some of these closures. I think that empathy of knowing what our audience is feeling when we report on a major restaurant closure is important to include in the copy we wrote on social: "It is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to some of Indy’s most loved restaurants due to the impacts of COVID-19 🍽💔

 Thanks so much to the Do317 team for this winning piece!

 Also! Liz (another award-winning human, who recently celebrated a birthday) has built promotional assets for our Memorial Day and Father's Day Guides. Check them out here.

 Have a great, safe weekend everyone.