Content Directive: Friday, June 12th

 Hey team!

 Juneteenth is a week away, and it's important that we amplify local celebrations and awareness of the holiday in general. 

 Today's directive is to create a user list to Juneteenth Celebrations in your city (/juneteenth-celebrations-in-city-name). Do615 published their Juneteenth user list today: Check it out here and see it featured in the top of today's email.

 Thanks to our incredible intern, Vanessa, we now have monthly stats updated for all cities for April and May of this year. We're working on retroactively adding in January, February and March of this year as well (that should be done by the end of next week). If you notice any blank spaces (such as with most MailChimp data), please note that those will be filled in soon. You'll also notice that certain social stats are missing for some cities; we're working to restore all of those as well, and may sidebar with you to help us fill those in. 

 Speaking of awesome people, Liz has created new assets for your Protests and Marches pages.

 Have a great weekend, everyone!