Content Directive: Friday, 4/17

 Happy Friday gang!

 I'm a big fan of digging into our social media engagement rates (measured as total engagements / total impressions for a given time period), as these often indicate our effectiveness better than follower counts or total engagements; engagement rates are harder to juice.

 Our network's Instagram Feed engagement rate for the past 28 days is 2.4%, which is up 54% from the previous 28 days (so, good on all of us!) -- but DoTheBay's Instagram Feed engagement rate is 6.3% (!!!), the best in the network and 163% better than the average.

 For today's content directive, let's dig into DoTheBay's Instagram Feed and discuss what's working.

 While all but three of their recent posts beat the network average, their engagement rate is most impacted by these posts:
 Here's what DoTheBay's team had to share about their strategy:

 From Social Media Coordinator, Megan Yadao-Micael:

 Memes are always a hit. If you can, come up with an original idea like this BART Map meme one of our past interns drew up for us. Otherwise, reposting memes with credit also works, like this Inside Lands lineup

 We've also seen a lot of success when posting as often as possible (once a day if you can!). An easy way to do this is by taking newsletter sections (usually whatever guide or timely news section is pushed that day) and posting them on IG, like our Donations Save Local Bookstore and How Quarantine Changed SF pieces. And as always, try to use the best quality photo you can find because people also love high-quality photos of the city like this one of Golden Gate Park photo for the 150th Anniversary.

 From Biz Dev Director, Brett Leader: 

 I think the main takeaway is that timeliness is key. The content strategy that continues to work for us time and time again is this winning combo: timely + local + funny + political / newsworthy content. The more of those checkboxes you can cross off in a single image or post, the better. (This goes beyond Instagram and works in our newsletter, site, and other social channels too). Of course, having really beautiful shots of your city (especially when timed with a major anniversary) can also be a slam dunk. I do think mixing up the content is also important to keep things fresh with your audience (i.e. avoiding back-to-back memes, back-to-back professional city shots, etc.). Screenshots from our IG Insights attached if anyone is curious at peeking at the numbers. 

 We hope these tips help you take your Instagram Feed engagement one step farther in the coming month! Have a great weekend y'all.