Content Directive: Friday, 4/10

 Superstars. Happy Friday.

 Our fearless COO, Kristin, published another thoughtful piece on the DoStuff blog this week about how we've been navigating the current landscape.

 It's important that people hear this: brands, partners, friends, users. It's important that people know that we're still here. We're fighting hard. And we've had a LOT of big wins recently. We're an agile bunch.

 The article also goes farther in explaining the DoStuff ethos than most anything we've ever written about ourselves. It's a big step forward in telling our story. Let's amplify it.

 Today's content directive is to thoughtfully share the post on your local site's channels as well as your personal ones: LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, IG Stories, email, wherever you're reaching people.

When you do, it's important to take time to craft a careful message along with the share. We want to be mindful of the fact that we're extremely lucky to have any wins lately. Here's an example of what Kristin wrote when sharing on her LinkedIn. This should be a reference, not a template: It's paramount that we all write our own words when promoting this post. To repeat the same language could appear as disingenuous.
 Please let Kristin and I know what questions you have.

 I'm so incredibly proud of the work we're doing, and you should be as well. Now let's tell the world how awesome we are!