Content Directive: Friday, 3/27

 One. more. email. 😂

 I'm tired. Are you guys tired? But I'm also FIRED UP. We've been working our asses off this week, helping people #DoStuffAtHome and connect with their local communities without going outside. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. Let's dive in to today's content directive:

 Create a series called The Daily DoGood to highlight the altruistic heroes from our local communities who have gone out of their way to help others in this time -- people like Michael Arundel, who founded a fee-free delivery service for seniors in Chicago.
  • Create an Asana project that looks like this -- with three sections:
    • a place for new ideas
    • a place to schedule each day's feature
    • a place to compile reference assets and links
  • Encourage everyone on your team (including your interns) to add stories and links to the 'new ideas' section. There are stories popping up everywhere!
  • Create a /p page like this.
  • Have one person on your team (usually your Content Manager) in charge of deciding which feature is highlighted each day. Drag scheduled tasks into the second (scheduled) section in the project.
  • On the task for each feature, add:
    • A due date for the day the feature will be published. (It should be published across your channels on the same day.)
    • Three subtasks:
      • One to add the feature to the /p page.
      • One to post the piece on social.
        • Use the hashtags #DailyDoGood and #DoStuffAtHome every time.
        • We recommend including the /p page when posting on Twitter and IG Stories, but not when posting to your FB Feed (except the first time you post) or IG Feed.
      • One to consider including it in the daily email.
        • The feature should always be posted on social, but email inclusions are based on your sending cadence and availability.
  • Every day, add a new DoGood feature to the page, with the most recent story at the top. Once you surpass 10 features, begin removing the oldest one whenever you add the newest.
 Here's a link to some assets with "DIY keynote files" for you guys (thanks to Liz!). The idea is that you can build your own assets and export them as images in Keynote. We figured Keynote would be a program that most of you are familiar with and have access to. 

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! We'll see y'all on tomorrow's livestream. ✌