Content Directive: Friday, 3/20

 What's up world?!

 We're compiling all national livestreams into a single Google Sheet, and then scraping that Sheet to automatically pull in events. (We're setting the scrapers to auto-approve, so their events will jump the queues). These scrapers already exist in all the O&O markets. If you're in a non-O&O, please let us know if we can set up this scraper for you. It saves SO much time. And we have separate scripts for each time zone.

 Social distancing has lead an alarming lack of blood available to hospitalsHere are three articles to get up to speed on the situation. For this reason, we're directing all of our cities to create guides to giving blood. The page titles should be "Where To Give Blood in (City Name) during COVID-19" and the URL should be "/p/where-to-give-blood-in-nashville-during-covid-19". For a refresher on article pages, please check out this resource.

 DoNYC includes a section in every daily email called "In Lighter News..." to insert a little bit of joy and levity into the situation. We recommend you do the same! Check out this heart-warming example. Including this content also lets you include some engaging curveball copy in your subject lines to increase your open rates.

 Kristin published this post yesterday on our new DoStuff Blog (which more on that coming soon!); it's generating overwhelming positive responses, and we think it will help rally our fans around the #DoStuffAtHome brand and our business in general. Mitchell Frank recommended that we share it in our daily emails to help tell the story of our herculean pivot.

 Thanks so much for everyone's help updating to our new brand, #DoStuffAtHome. Please use this hashtag whenever promoting any content related to the current era on social. This goes for anything from Guides To Helping The Service Industry to livestream listings. The more we all promote this brand, the more people will hear our story. And find awesome stuff to do (at home) because of it.

 Keep being heroes. Looking forward to dancing (at home) with y'all tomorrow night.