Content Directive: 4/3

Hey team!

 Man, what an incredible job y'all have done these past few weeks. We have a lot to celebrate. Even in the face of COVID-19...
  • Network-wide email engagement is up 7% from the previous month; it's also up 38% YoY for the past 2 weeks in O&O markets.
  • Network Instagram engagement is up 25% from last month; O&O cities are up 64%.
  • Network Twitter engagement is up 41% from last month.
  • Traffic to editorial pages is up 30% from last March.
  • Our channels are (still) incredibly effective at getting the word out fast: Do512’s Job Opportunities page amassed over 12K page views in its first 24 hours live.
  • We’re still relevant! This March, 1.5 MM unique people visited our sites. Go shout our story from the rooftops! 
 As Stuart messaged earlier today, we're temporarily disabled band notifications until we're able to optimize the product to best serve our needs during this new (temporary) era. Since users won't be automatically receiving emails about new streams for artists they follow, it's more important now than ever to regularly surface a variety of awesome livestreams on your email and social channels. We should be talking about streams as often as we usually talk about physical events.

 Sellers! We've updated the network stats sheet for the month. All email and social counts are up to date; our site traffic stats are averages for regular, non-COVID-era traffic.

To close out the week, here are some of our biggest editorial wins from March (with page views for the highest-trafficked page):
Thanks so much, everyone! Stay safe, get some rest, have some drinks, and join us tomorrow night for hangs and dancing.❤