Content Directive - Thursday, 12/3 - DoStuff's Giveaway Directives


 I recently synced up with my partner in crime on the local revenue side, Mr. Scott Cramer, to help solve some challenges that local teams have been running into regarding giveaways. These challenges include questions like:
  • How can we do more giveaways (especially during the pandemic)? 
  • Is it good to run giveaways if there isn't a spend attached? 
  • If we do run unsold giveaways, what are the rules around them?
  • How can we arm the content team with the ammo and guardrails they need to set up valuable audience-building giveaways without compromising sales?
 We compiled our notes from these meetings to form this directive: 

 Presenting! DoStuff's official directives for giveaways:
  • Giveaways should be seen as a bridge to create sales. More often than not, first-time giveaway partners eventually convert into paid advertisers.
  • The entire team should work together to make sure that every sale has a giveaway attached.
  • The goal should always be to make each giveaway ‘premium’ - to offer something that users can’t buy -- the biggest, baddest giveaways possible.
  • We recommend auditing all existing leads and contacts and seeing which relationships can be leveraged to create giveaways.
  • Some partners are just going to only want giveaways - even without promised media or a spend attached - and that’s OK. Some people get it and some don’t.
  • Sellers should establish comradery with the content department to close sales. The entire team should regularly review the content department's canned responses and default language to ensure it's the best possible language for the brand and also for the current moment.
  • Giveaway efforts and sales efforts should generally run in conjunction with one another, rather than one ever being able to block the other. We don’t wait to announce events until spends occur; the same should go for setting up giveaways.
  • A giveaway being made live shouldn’t disincentivize a client from spending money, since ‘free’ giveaways don’t include:
    • opt-in emails
    • promised media
    • retargeting capabilities
    • display advertising
    • paid social
    • data collection
    • recapping and reporting
  • It's good to mention to potential partners from whom we're trying to acquire giveaways that we can "feature their giveaway on our site, in our daily email and on social media" -- but we shouldn't ever promise specific placements, flight dates, concrete deliverables, or anything else mentioned above without a spend. 
    • If a partner asks if they can, for instance, be featured in a certain day's email, please say that first priority for email promotions always has to go to our paid advertisers, but we'll certainly do our best to get them in (if we think we can indeed accommodate the placement).
  • Marketers want to push on things that are working -- so a ‘free’ giveaway should be seen as luring someone into a restaurant by giving them a really good complimentary salad. Doesn’t mean they won’t order an entree! In fact, it means they’ll be more likely to.
  • Pro tip: collect opt-in emails on unsold giveaways and then dangle them as an incentive for the partner to start spending later in the campaign. 
  • 'Win before buy' giveaways can be a great way to collect data that then positions your team as an even more effective marketing partner for paid spends as the event approaches.
  • Scott and I are here to help:
    • Review your canned response language
    • Offer our advice about how best to proceed in any given situation
    • However else we can be helpful.
 Thanks so much for reading! What related questions do you have that are not covered in this resource? Let us know and we'll add our answers in!

 Cheers everyone,