Coming Soon: New 'What To Do' Daily Email Content Series

Squad - 


I wanted to fill you in on one of the new initiatives we've been cooking up. We'd love your feedback.


Here's the skinny: We're going to introduce a new series of daily email content blocks and companion /p pages on each metro site. This is the first step we’re taking towards the broader goal of introducing a better-performing email framework.

The purposes of these features are to:

  • Do a better job at our core brand offering: helping people find awesome stuff to do

  • Take one step towards adopting a consistent framework for our daily emails

  • Produce more top-performing web content

  • Get more traffic and email engagement

  • Further unify our content strategy across markets

We’ll feature each guide on the same day of the week, every week. Below is a first pass at what we think will work well. We want your input though! Use this google form AFTER you read this entire email:

  • Monday: DO This Week (Mon-Sun)

  • Tuesday: DO Soon (best in next 90 days-ish. show announcements. big events coming up. more than 90 days out is fine.)

  • Wed: DO Whenever (places, ongoing events. unique things to do)

  • Thu: DO This Weekend (Thu-Sun)

  • Fri: DO Tonight (sent in the morning - covers events from happy hour on) 

  • Sat: DO Today (sent in the morning) (only for those who currently send saturday emails)

And here are the guidelines we like for the content. We want your input on these too as they will ultimately become more concrete rules to follow. 

  • This will be the top content block in each daily email.

  • Each email feature will consist of a content block with a bulleted list and a CTA button that links to the companion /p page.

  • Each email feature will have exactly 5 bulleted recommendations. The companion /p page should have at least 10. 

  • Each “What To Do” can be a mixture of physical events, outdoor restaurants, drive-ins, film screenings, livestreams, you name it. Whatever the best stuff to do is.

  • Each bulleted recommendation will be accompanied by a short, persuasive, personality-filled explanation of why it’s among the best stuff to do over that time period.

Here is an example of an email content block for the ‘What To Do This Week’ section. Note: Liz will be designing something that looks awesome. But this is good picture of type of content:



And here’s an example of the page it would link to.

A few things to note about that page:

  • The page has no images -- making it easier to update and easier to read.

  • It contains a mixture of internal and external links. This is for both user experience and SEO purposes:

    • Single events should link to event pages

    • Multiple events should link to artist/venue/user pages

    • Restaurants and bar features should link to their websites and social 

  • At the bottom of the page are links to all the other /p pages in this series.


We'll also be developing icons to accompany the email bullets to clearly indicate free events, different categories, etc.


What do you think? We want your feedback! To keep track of everything, please only submit via this Google Form by EOD Wednesday.

Thanks so much everyone! Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving. 🦃