Audience Survey Data (pt. I) - 10/6/20 Content Directive


 For context, 9 of our O&O markets recently sent 23-question surveys to our email audience via dedicated emails (example). Whether your market sent surveys or not, there's a lot to be learned from this data.

 In the first tab, please find totals for all of the multiple-choice questions along with visual breakdowns for each. In the following tabs, please find each city's multiple-choice question breakdowns, followed by tabs for each of the open-answer questions. 

 We'll follow up with more specific, targeted directives soon in light of this data. In the meantime, we invite you to start reviewing the data and familiarizing yourself with the trends within it. We also invite you to draw upon this data when speaking with partners.

 Please refrain from making any significant infrastructural changes in light of this data just yet, such as altering your current email send time. We will be providing guidance and direction on many of those things (including email send times) shortly, as per of our larger brand guidelines and daily email framework project.

 Thanks again so much to everyone who helped make this happen, including those who provided feedback on various drafts of these surveys. We'll plan to continue sending versions of these surveys shortly. More soon.