9/25 Content Directive - Work at a Polling Station This November


Last week, we were given yet another reminder of how crucial this upcoming election will be.

With that in mind, it’s absolutely essential that this election run as smoothly as possible in order to ensure a fair outcome for all.

The ongoing pandemic has presented a number of different logistical challenges for election officials, and one of the biggest among them is the fact that the electoral process has historically relied on older people to work at polling stations. According to the U.S. Election Assistance Committee (U.S. EAC), the average age of a poll worker has traditionally been above 61.

Due to the particularly dangerous threat posed to these folks by the pandemic, coupled with the expectation that voter turnout will be sky-high this November, election officials have begun seeking help elsewhere in order to avoid a shortage of manpower. Keep in mind that prohibitively long lines on election day can be a factor in determining whether or not other people end up voting, so polling places need all of the assistance they can get.

That’s where DoStuff - and our audience - come in. Today's content directive is to utilize our email and social media channels to motivate as much of our audience as possible to work a polling station on Election Day. 

To guide your audience's way, we recommend pointing to the U.S. EAC or local resources like this helpful article from The Texas Tribune. Consider volunteering yourself in whichever capacity you can - and share your own experiences! Also, for those who are at-risk for COVID-19 complications and aren't able to work in a polling station, there are a number of other things you can do to help; it's a good idea to share (localized, whenever possible) resources like this to ensure that everybody can join the effort.

Important note to include in your messaging! In many precincts, you have to be properly registered to vote in order to work a polling station. This may be a great opportunity to plug our ongoing partnership with Voto Latino!

In addition to inspiring our audience to help out, we should challenge ourselves to get out there and pitch in as much as we can. This couldn't be more important.

So let’s get out there and spread the word! We’ve done our best to help Get Out the Vote. Now it’s time to make sure those votes are counted properly!

Much love to all.