8/31 Content Directive - #RedAlertRestart

 Hey team!

 An organization called #WeMakeEvents is organizing a #RedAlertRESTART day tomorrow, September 1st, to draw attention to live event workers' plight during COVID-19, and to make another push at getting the RESTART act passed. We need this bill to pass ASAP to save our local music venues, festivals and more.

 Let's join in by posting a red-tinted photo of an awesome local live event on each of our social media channels with our own spin on the following caption:

 #RedAlertRESTART: the live events we love may never recover from the pandemic, we need to take action! Take 2 minutes to contact your representatives here, and post a red photo of you at your favorite event, too: https://wemakeevents.org #WeMakeEvents #ExtendPUA

 You can easily turn a photo red here: https://www11.lunapic.com/editor/?action=tint.

 We also encourage you to post on your personal social media channels, and to check out the hashtag #RedAlertRESTART and share/RT images of venues and live events workers you love. If you feel like really going the extra mile, light up your home or apartment red to show your support! (If nothing else, it's a great way to start a socially-distanced convo with the neighbors.)

 This is a follow up to a successful push in the UK earlier this month. Check out this video to get inspired.

 Major props to Nikki Rae from Do303 for first alerting us to this initiative!

 Cheers all,