8/25 Content Directive: Most-Opened August Emails, Tag DoStuff on IG, and more!

 Hey team -

 August's Most-Opened Emails

 By request, here are the 5 most-opened daily emails in August so far for 4 of our cities: DoLA, DoNYC, Do312 and Do615. 

 These top-performing subject lines reinforce a lot of what we know is working right now:
  • News that affects the entire community
  • Openings, re-openings, and closures
  • Drive-Ins
  • Eats
  • Free things to do
 The best subject lines are immediate (they're the best subject lines for right now) and appeal to a wide audience. They're not particularly artist or stream-driven. They often withhold a bit of information (open bait, if you will) to wet the appetite (eg 'Please Stop Raving', 'Free BBQ Next Tuesday!'). Interestingly, none of these emails were sent on Fridays, which could, among other things, illustrate an opportunity to improve our Friday open rates by getting those emails out earlier in the day, before people check out for the weekend.

 The goal of our email subject lines should always be to get as many existing subscribers as possible to open the email without deceiving them and/or lessening the brand. 

 We need to be careful not to talk about closures too much. The 'Permanently Closed' content is performing really well, yes, but our brand is about 'what to do.' Our content should always serve to strengthen our brand - and our daily emails are the front page of our brand. It's important to review every email you send and ask yourself how you would define your city's brand if that email was the first one you received. 

 What do you take away from reviewing these subject lines? What have you learned from A|B testing recently? Share your tips!

 Tag @DoStuff in Your Instagram Stories

 We're highlighting the best content from around the network in our Instagram Stories. Tag @DoStuff so we can share your awesome work!

 Review Your User-Added Events

 With the increase of protests and demonstrations, it's now more important than ever to review your user-added events daily to ensure that they're appropriate for our audience. 

 Head to Radmin -> Events -> Approved to see your newest events. Check the 'Creator' field for events added by users. Then, use the cogwheel on the right of the screen to 'View' each event on the front end. This check should include events added by interns.

 Be sure to scan for copyrighted images while performing these checks!

 Make Sure Your Images Are Appropriate For COVID-19

 Sharing a user list, editorial page, or any page of content built before COVID-19? Be sure to check that its header image and share image are appropriate for the current time. We don't want to seem out of touch!

 What else can we help you with? Let us know!

 Hope y'all are doing well. ✌️