2/10 Content Directive: Black Musicians You Should Know & Black Queer Content Creators To Follow

Hello everyone!

The Intersectionality Committee has provided two recommendations to help formulate more support for the Black Community this month. Today’s content directive is to create the following two pieces:

Concept 1: 

Black Musicians You Should Know - An exploratory editorial page highlighting emerging Black musicians/groups in the city. Our authentic way of celebrating Black musicians. If your city is able, we recommend accompanying the page with a Spotify playlist of (as many as possible of) the artists featured.

  • Page Type: Editorial Page (/p Page)

  • Page Name: Black City Name Musicians You Should Know

  • URL: /p/black-city-name-musicians-you-should-know

Concept 2: 

Black Queer Content Creators To Follow - Gay.Do512 created a similar editorial for Queer Content Creators in Austin; check it out

  • Page Type: Editorial Page (/p Page)

  • Page Name: Black Queer City Name Content Creators To Follow

  • URL: /p/black-queer-city-name-content-creators-to-follow

Liz has created visual assets for both pages and added them to the master editorial assets folder. (Thank you, Liz!) Create your own IG Stories using local musicians/creators' images. Give credit for the photos!

The goal for both directives is to showcase emerging creatives, not established icons. 

When building these pieces, we suggest sourcing content from:

  • Local Blogs

  • Past Festival openers

  • "Top 2020 Music" Lists

  • Your team! 

We recommend featuring 10-15 artists/creators on each page. Please create full blurbs for everyone featured, not just the first few. 

Set an Asana task to update the page quarterly (more on that in the next content directive), and include a call for users to reach out with suggestions for future features.

Don’t forget to tag all the included artists when promoting the page on social media. Let them know they’re featured!

If you’ve already created one or both of these pages (or something super similar), then awesome! You’re ahead of the game. Gold star. :)

Big thanks to the Intersectionality Committee for these reccos. They’ll be back with more in the not-too-distant future. 

Cheers, all!