12/9 Content Directive - Holiday Gift Guides

 Our audience needs gifts. We need content. We want to help our audience. We want to help local businesses. Voila! Holiday gift guides!

 Today's content directive is to build a Holiday Gift Guide for your city.
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  • Title: City Name Holiday Gift Guide 
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 It's a better time than ever to support local when doing your holiday shopping:
  • Local businesses need support more than ever
  • Shipping is more difficult than ever, making local gifts that you can pick up in person (or have delivered) more attractive than ever 
  • Local gifts also make great last-minute gifts because you don't have to worry about shipping at all
 Let's make guides to 12-15 awesome local holiday gifts that our users can get for their friends and family around the city.

 Ideally, each inclusion will be coupled with a giveaway to help drive traffic to your gift guides and acquire new users from visitors to them. If you haven't already done so, please review our recent giveaway directive for unsold giveaways and more to set yourself up for the best possible success with acquiring giveaways for these inclusions. 

 If you don't have giveaways to accompany every inclusion, we recommend placing your inclusions with giveaways at the top of your guide to maximize engagement and user acquisition.

 Each inclusion should ideally also be coupled with a deal. Many local businesses are offering incentives to get customers to shop with them over the holidays. For example, a Portland-based indie restaurant group is selling e-gift cards that you can use at any of their restaurants and providing free $20 gift cards to everyone who purchases a $100 gift card. 

 Like all of our content, this guide should look like the city. Your inclusions should represent different neighborhoods, different types of businesses, different ethnicities, different products, and different price ranges.

 Each inclusion should provide information about the business itself and provide a recommendation of at least one specific product we love.

 As an experience-focused brand, we should focus on gifts of experience whenever possible. As a cool brand, we should also focus on cool shit. And as good people, we should, whenever possible, focus on people who are doing good business.

 We're also working on some tasteful national affiliate opportunities that we'll be able to integrate into this content to produce additional revenue without sacrificing the quality of the content. More on those soon, but please don't wait on them to craft the content.

 Content folks, please drop your guides in the #content Slack channel so that the rest of the team can see what you've built.

 For additional inspiration, The Infatuation made some pretty rad local restaurant-focused gift guides in NYC, Chicago, SF and Seattle.