12/16 Content Directive - EOY Wrap-Up Pages

 Hello all!

 It's the time of the season to make EOY wrap-up pages. Of course, this year's will look a bit different than normal, but that doesn't mean that we don't have a lot to say and a lot of positive action that we can drive -- arguably more than ever.

 Today's content directive is to make an article called "2020 in City Name: The Year in Review".
  • Page Type: Article (/p page)
  • Page Title: 2020 in City Name: The Year in Review
  • Page URL: /p/2020-in-city-name-the-year-in-review
 The purpose of the article is to highlight the most inspiring innovations and pandemic pivots from within your local community this year. The article's tone should be positive but serious, in line with the current atmosphere of your city's cultural scene. 

 Here is our recommended structure for the article, in order from top to bottom, with some notes for each section to help get the wheels turning:
  •  Local venues
    • The year started, COVID came, and things got really hard: A and B (beloved venues) closed forever. But C and D venues pivoted and are doing such and such. E and F venues are now doing such and such too -- and you can support them by taking H and I actions.
      • Some food for thought with this section: venues who created special socially-distanced stages, who launched livestream series or TV channels, who became polling places, who temporarily turned into restaurants.
    • This section should be heavy on action. We also recommend including a call to donate to NIVA to help independent venues around the country stay alive.
    • All pages should begin with local venues in order to nail the brand.
  • Local artists
    • We of course can't feature everyone who released great art in 2020 in our cities, so the move here should be to highlight the artists who were especially innovative in light of the pandemic, as well as any especially top local releases from your staff, and ways users can support these artists.
    • This should be heavy on music but also include local comedians, filmmakers, podcasts, visual artists, etc.
  • Local restaurants 
    • We said goodbye to beloved places like A, B and C -- but there was also some good news: D opened, E expanded, and F, G and H pivoted/innovated by doing I, J and K. Here's how to support them now.
  • Social progress
    • It's been a year of action. There was progress in local government (A, B, C), racist statues were removed, streets were renamed, etc. Also, rad new non-profits D, E and F launched. Here's how to help right now and effect positive change in 2021 and beyond.
  • Cannabis industry (if applicable)
    • Changes to local policy, how the landscape has evolved throughout the year
    • Rad new dispensaries, delivery services, etc
    • Pivots/innovations from existing companies
  • Livestreams
    • No substitute for the real thing, but still awesome in their own right and helped us stay sane throughout the year. Here are links to some of our favorite streams released this year that you can still watch, plus links to some of our favorite upcoming ones.
  • Links to bigger guides
    • Best New Restaurants
    • Permanently Closed Restaurants/Bars
    • Social Justice Guides
    • Best Archival Concerts You Can Stream
    • Etc
 Feel free to add more sections if you'd like, and anything else you can do to expand on this outline. Drop your page in the #content channel once it's done so the rest of the content team can check it out!

 We also recommend polling your team to get everyone's top pick for each of the above (favorite innovations, saddest closures, best archived livestreams, etc).

 Please reach out if any of the above is unclear and we can expand on anything listed to make sure you're set up for success.