11/16 Content Directive - Four Pages to Build Over the Next Few Weeks

Hello there!

In case you haven't noticed, it's starting to get a bit cold out there. With the changing of the seasons comes a time to look ahead and start anticipating our audience's content needs in light of the upcoming holiday season.

Here's some content that crushes it every year. Of course, 2020 being 2020, we'll have to keep COVID-19 in our considerations, but there's no reason to think that we can't produce informative and interesting content that serves our audience and, more importantly, help moves the needle.

To this end, we've come up with four content pieces that we'd like you all to create and/or update over the next few weeks. Let's dig in!

New Year's Eve 2020 Celebrations in City Name

Recommended Permalink: /p/new-years-eve-2020-celebrations-in-city-name
Example of Successful Page (over 17,000 page views during November/December 2019)
Note: Please be advised that we are asking you to build a /p page - and not a user list - this time around 

Typically, NYE content pages are some of our very best-performing over the months of November and December. We traditionally create user lists that feature all of the coolest concerts and parties that are scheduled for NYE. Obviously, this year will be different as most concerts and parties will not be taking place due to the pandemic, but we still want to clue our audience in on how they can still have a good time - safely - on NYE.

This year, instead of a user list, we recommend creating a /p page that highlights the many things that local businesses are providing to help you have an excellent NYE, despite the pandemic. Perhaps there's a well-known restaurant that is offering a to-go package consisting of a four-course meal with cocktails and dessert included? Or a bar offering party swag with a bottle of champagne? Maybe there's a dispensary offering special NYE deals. Let's try to make these pages feel as local as possible. 

If there are still local events happening in your metro, and they look to be legitimate and safe, we should absolutely include these as well.

Best Holiday Markets in City Name

Recommended Permalink: /p/best-holiday-markets-in-city-name
Example of Successful Page (the 2nd-highest performing /p page across Do317, garnering almost 4,000 pageviews during that timeframe)

Pop-up holiday markets are still taking place in many metros, though maybe not to the same extent as before. We recommend digging into the status of holiday markets in your area and building a /p page consisting of the best ones that are scheduled to run. Some markets in your area might be going virtual for 2020 - we recommend including those, too! Check out Do312's Best Indie Holiday Markets page from last year as a great example to try and emulate.

Best Ramen & Pho in City Name

Recommended Permalink: /p/best-ramen-and-pho-in-city-name
Example of Successful Page (the highest-trafficked page across the entire Do503 site so far this month)

Cold weather and hot noodles go hand in hand. That's why we recommend building a /p page consisting of the best noodle spots in your city. Traditionally, these lists consist of ramen & pho restaurants, but we're certainly not opposed to expanding to include restaurants that specialize in other varieties of noodles - hot pot, anyone? Do503 and Do312 both do excellent jobs of covering the noodle scenes in their respective cities.

Where to Get Chinese Food in City Name on Christmas Day

Recommended Permalink: /p/where-to-get-chinese-food-in-city-name-on-christmas-day
Example of Successful Page (almost 3,000 pageviews on just Christmas Day of 2019 alone!)

Eating Chinese food on Christmas Day is a tradition for a lot of folks who don't celebrate Christmas. The directive here is pretty straightforward: build a /p page of Chinese restaurants that will be open for business on Christmas this year. Be sure to take extra care to make sure that any restaurants you include in your list will be open for takeout this year - a lot of restaurants have quietly closed (temporarily or permanently) over the past year.


We'd like to challenge and empower you to create as many of these pages as you can over the next couple of weeks. As mentioned above, if you already have these pages on your site, we encourage you to freshen them up and make sure they're relevant and useful during COVID-19. Please also be sure to include a last updated date on these pages as well.

Already have these pages and they're updated to perfection? If you need any more ideas, don't hesitate to ask! Just drop your question into the #content Slack channel.

Questions? Comments? We're here for ya. :)

Have a kick-ass week, everybody!