10/9 Content Directive - DoStuff + LPR.tv


We're stoked to come at you with some exciting news that should help us generate some extra revenue. We're teaming up with (Le) Poisson Rouge, an independent music venue and multimedia art cabaret in New York City, and helping to promote their on-demand livestream subscription platform, LPR.tv

The bottom line: We're getting $5 for each new subscriber we refer, so this is a great way to make some money while supporting a great cause.

Not only does it make us money, but this initiative is also a provider of great content and allows us to do our part in supporting the independent live music scene.

We've already done most of the hard work for ya and scraped all of LPR.tv's upcoming broadcasts via the national livestream project.

All we're asking is for you to help promote the events via social, email, and your Top Picks page! To find a LPR.tv event to promote, hit their schedule and choose a dope event, search for the event on your site (it should be there - if not, let us know and we'll get it added ASAP), and you're all set!

Here are two pieces of important info to incorporate in your promotional efforts:
  • The sign-up link to use when promoting LPR.tv: https://lpr.tv/sign-up-dostuff/ (added as the 'Buy' link on all streams).
  • Discount code language: Get 25% off your first month with LETSDOLPRTV through 10/31.
That's about it! These shows are cool and on-brand enough that we should be promoting them even without a financial incentive. Some of the most notable upcoming broadcasts on the schedule include Kimbra, GZA, Ryley Walker, Oso Oso, and Frankie Rose

So let's get out there this week and fight the good fight (and hopefully make a little money into the bargain). Big thanks to DoNYC's Jesse Soll for bringing in this partnership (and DoStuff's Michael Gately for writing this directive).

Later, y'all!