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Many of you have asked for guidance on how to best source content for editorial pages, so we enlisted the help of Chicago Content Manager Extraordinaire, Katie Karpowicz, to share her wisdom. Presenting: The DoStuff Guide To Sourcing Content!

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Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q: I know of an awesome livestream that should be on all the sites. Where should I send it?
A: Please add it to this project or send to

Q: Where should I share an idea for a content piece, social post, giveaway, or anything else which could be rolled out to the network?
A: Please add it to this project for consideration.

Q: Where can I find one-sheets for these recommendations and initiatives?

Q: Where can I find brand ads and visual assets for these content pieces?

Q: Where do I request a revision to my city's 'Message from DoXYZ' banner?

Q: What's the best way to change the date of an existing show that has been rescheduled without breaking any existing URLs?
A: Create a new event for the rescheduled show and then merge the original show into it. You have the option of disabling alerts on the new show, which prevents show announcement emails from being sent for it. Up to your discretion!

Q: Who do I contact if I'm having an issue with my national livestream scraper?
A: Please reach out to and

Q: How do I update a cover photo for an event that was created by the national livestream scraper?
Drop a request (including the event and image) in the livestreams project. Our team will update it ASAP. If you update the image on your own city's event record, it will be overwritten the next time the scraper runs.

Q: How do I get something added to this page?
A: Send it to and I will happily add.

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