Content Directive: Wednesday, 4/1


 Aside from DoTheBay's expansive Job Opportunities page, our network's highest-trafficked page this week so far is a new piece from Do312, Booze-2-Go: Chicago Cocktails for Pickup & Delivery.

 Your mission is to replicate this piece! Do312's version already has over 4K page views in 24 hours, mostly from this email. Who's ready to beat that?
  • Page Title: Booze-2-Go: (City Name) Cocktails for Pickup & Delivery
  • URL Schema: /p/city-name-cocktails-for-pickup-and-delivery
  • Page Type: Article (/p/ page)
 Tips for sourcing content:
  • Consult recent press releases.
  • Reach out to relevant partners and ask what they're doing.
  • Check the social media (especially Instagram accounts) of relevant bars and restaurants. Start with ones that have signature drinks.
  • Ask your friends.
  • Request intel on your personal + local site's social media.
Booze-2-Go! :)