Content Calendars

It's important to build and maintain a content calendar to ensure that:
  • All of your frequently-visited content pieces are fully updated.
  • You're spending your time producing the most impactful content possible
  • Your sales person (or people) know what content will be produced when, so that they can sell against it.
We highly recommend keeping your content calendar in Asana as (at least) its own project. The amount of content-related Asana projects that your metro should have is most dependent on your team size: If your metro has two employees and the Content Manager is producing all of the content, then one project is likely enough. If your metro has six people working on content, plus a half-dozen interns, then you're likely going to want to subdivide your content calendars into separate projects.

Since most metros start with two employees (a General Manager and a Content Manager), let's talk about how to build and maintain a content calendar when you're the Content Manager and are in charge of producing all of the content for your site.

Your Content Calendar

Your content calendar should take the form of an Asana project:

Note that the project is broken into two portions: Evergreen Content and Seasonal & One-Off Content.

By 'Evergreen Content', we mean content that is highly relevant and useful to your users all year round. This includes your core lists of Top Events, Just Announced and Free, plus your Happy Hour events and anything else that is always relevant in your city.

To keep up with this sort of content, we recommend leveraging the 'Repeat' functionality of Asana:

This feature allows you to set up any task to repeat every day, every week, on certain days of the week... pretty much anything you can think of. It's especially helpful in keeping up with your evergreen content, since it's often hard to remember the last time you updated a certain list (and especially so because we're biased to think that our lists are more up-to-date than they usually are).

Keeping Up With Evergreen Content

In addition to adding events to your lists as they're created, you should set up tasks to log in with each of your core evergreen list users (Top Events, Just Announced, Free and any others that you feel are essential) at least once a week and add events. In order to have the most robust and useful list possible, you'll want to add events from a variety of different sources - and you'll want to note all those different places in the task description:

Once you've added new events, you'll also want to go through your existing list and make sure that all the events have pleasing text-free cover photos and typo-free copy -- and that the list is free of dupes or unintended events. Similar deal goes for any core evergreen pieces that are venue lists and/or /p pages. You should always be 100% proud of everything you post or feature. If a list or page doesn't look quite right but you can't figure out why, hit up Support and we'll help you out.

We recommend separate tasks for each day of the week's happy hours / drink specials - and we recommend updating and checking each day's events once a month (in addition to what you're already doing through the queues and front pages). Updating happy hour events usually involves a bit more work than the other evergreen lists because, in addition to adding new events, you also need to confirm that all of the existing weekly repeating events are still happening as listed.

We recommend paying careful attention to the rhythm of your city's week to determine which tasks are best done when. For instance, a good portion of NYC shows are announced early on Monday afternoons, so I created a task to update our 'Just Announced' list every Monday. Most of those shows tended to go on sale on Fridays, so I also had the task repeat on Thursdays. This allowed me to make sure that our list was fully updated before pushing it out again in conjunction with the on-sales. 

Seasonal & One-Off Lists

You'll notice that seasonal and one-off content pieces are grouped into the same section in this project. The reason for this is that very few content pieces are actually one-offs. If you make a great content piece, odds are that you should update it and push it out again at a later date - even if it's not for another year. Therefore, it's best to keep all of your winning ideas - which could be anything from 10 Awesome New Restaurants to 50 Concerts To See In April - set to repeating Asana tasks, so that you remember to update and feature that content on a consistent schedule.

Having all of your content scheduled out for the year ahead also helps your sales team, since it lets them begin sales discussions with potential sponsoring partners months in advance. Organizing your content calendar in this way is also helpful because it lets your sales team drop in ideas for content pieces to be created that they feel they can most easily sell, including content that is catered to specific clients. To that end, we highly recommend having a final task group at the bottom of your content calendar where your team can add ideas:

Your metro (or at least your content team) should have a weekly meeting where you plan everything that you want to produce and push out over the 7 days ahead. During these meetings, you should go through the 'Ideas' bucket and see if there's anything you'd like to prioritize.

Of course, your calendar only accounts for the content on which you can plan. A lot of your buzziest content, such as show announcements, venue closings and other important rumblings around your city can't be planned - but having a well-organized content calendar ensures that you're never at a loss for awesome things to talk about.

Your Content Calendar

Ready to get started creating your own content calendar? Make a copy of this Asana template to get started.

Also, whether you've just built your metro's first content calendar or have been developing yours for years, we're always down to take a look at it and offer constructive feedback where we can. Just reach out to us!

Have other questions about content calendars? Want to share your pro tips? Want something added to this article? Hit up