User Permissions

I. Different Types of Permissions 

As metro manager, you can assign users these different permissions: 
 1. All-Star: An "All-Star" or "Tastemaker" is a VIP/featured user. Their votes on events counts for 7x more than an average user. They appear in the the Search fly-out under "Recommendations by Tastemakers" and in the Featured section at the bottom of every page; these lists populate in order of most recent site activity, such as voting on an event. They also appear in a list page:
For more information on All Stars, see User Basics.
2. Event Editor: This permission gives certain fans or venue owners, whomever your choose, the ability to edit all events on the front-end of your site. It is not Admin access. Any user with ANY of the other permissions already has this ability. Users without this permission may still create their own events and edit those that they create. 

3. Metro Manager: This manager permissions gives the user full access to your database at The user will be able to create a delete events, users, venue, advertisements, etc. so proper Admin training should be given with this permission. 

4. ECP Manager: This can be given to your ECP partners if they wish to more fully manage their ECP and utilize Giveaways/RSVPs or other promotional tools. They will not have full manager capabilities of your metro when working within Admin (for example, they won't be able to delete some stuff), but training should still be given. 

 II. Assigning Permissions 

Step 1: In Admin under the "Main" tab, navigate to "Users."
Step 2: Either create a new user -OR- search for the user to which you wish to assign a new permission 
Note: You can also enter the user ID in the URL: 
Step 3: Open the user profile and click "Permissions" in the sidebar. 
 Step 4: From the drop-down, choose either "All Star," "Event Editor," or "Manager." 
Step 5: If you select "Manager" and do NOT select an ECP from the second drop-down, the user will be given full metro manager permission. If you wish to assign the user to be an ECP manager, select the appropriate ECP from the second drop-down. 
 Step 6: Click "Add."