User Creation & Management

I. Introduction

  • New users can be created in Admin or directly on your site.
  • User accounts enable users to create a calendar of events, add events to your site, and enter your awesome Giveaways and RSVPs.
  • User profiles can include a name, display name (username), personalized URL, additional contact info, and a description.
  • There are different types of users, such as Tastemakers, that you can learn about in User Basics.
  • User accounts also drive Lists.

II. Create a  User

The user creation process on the site is intuitive, so these instructions apply to the Admin process. You will likely setup user accounts for Tastemakers, media sites, partners, and new members of your team.

Step 1: In Admin under your "Main" tab, navigate to your "Users" tab:
Step 2: In the right sidebar, select to “Create” a new user.
Step 3: Enter the name of the list in the “Name” field.
Ex. John Smith
Note: This name is what will be used for RSVPs/Giveaways and update when the user is logged in and changes their first/last name in the entry modal.
Step 4: Set a password. You can reset as needed for any user.
Step 5: Enter an email for the account. You can use a placeholder email that ends in @ you site.
Step 6: In the “Vanity URL” field, enter the text that should be appended to your site URL.
Ex. “BigJohn” if the list URL should be “”
Step 7: In the “Display Name” field, enter the name that should appear at the top of the user's page and around the site (similar to a username).
Ex. “Big John”
Step 8: You can include personal sites in the URL fields.
Step 9: Enter the zipcode of the user (relevant for your marketing data).
Step 10: Enter the birthdate (important to set as 21+ for access to restricted RSVPs/Giveaways).
Step 11: You can include the Facebook ID if the user wants their account associated with Facebook.
Step 12: Check "Mail List?" if the user's email should be included in your newsletter list.
Step 13: Check "Send Band Emails?" to have the user receive by email updates whenever a followed band adds a show.
Step 14: Check "Enabled?" to demonstrate the account is active.
Step 15: Check "Over 21?" for users of age.
Step 16: You can enter any bio information in the "Description" field -OR- in the “New Promo Descr.” field. The "Description" field will ONLY show text, but you can enter any specially formatted text or images (in the WYSIWYG or HTML </>) in the "New Promo Descr." but be sure to check "Promo User" below!
Step 17: If you want a user to remain hidden on the site so that other users cannot view their activity or profile, select "Private User?"
Step 18: Check “Promo User?” to enable any code, design customization, or "New Promo Descr." to display.
Step 19: If you want to default display past events, such as for a Lounge Shows page, then check “Past Events Default.”
Step 20: If the user wishes to automatically vote on all events at followed venues or that feature followed artists, check “Auto-vote.” This will cause the list to automatically populate with all events at followed venues and all events that feature followed artists.
Step 21: "Sort by Pop.?" will cause the user's picks to show in order of popularity rather than date on the user page.
Step 22: Select “Create” and you’ve successfully set up the list account.
Step 23: Add a cover photo and icon image (for Tastemakters) via the “Manage Photos” modal in the right sidebar.

To set users as a Tastemaker or give them different editing abilities on your site, learn more about Permissions.

III. User Page Customization

You can customize special user pages that are set as "Promo Users," and we have extended guidance on how to do so in Custom Users and Lists.

IV. User Votes

All users can create custom calendars or lists of events, artists, and venues. 

To "vote" or add an event:
  • The user logs in to your site and selects to "Add" the event 
  • You vote on the event for them via the Admin event page and the email associated with their account
  • They are set to "Autovote," which causes the user page to automatically populate with events that feature followed artists or take place at followed venues
To add artists or venues:
  • The user logs in to your site and selects to "Follow" from the artist or venue pages
Note: When users select to follow an artist, they are automatically set to receive artist digest emails whenever an artist is added to a show on your site. These run at the end of every day so some days they might receive one email with several show announcements but most days will receive none.