User Basics

I. Introduction

It goes without saying that users are hugely important to your site. Your users can register directly to your site or via Facebook Connect. When users register for your site, they will be able to build a profile, create events, RSVP to events, enter Giveaways, build an events list, follow artists and receive artist digest emails when their followed artists add a new show in your city.

There are lots of advantages to registering for your site! It’s up to you to incentivize your users to register by providing them with awesome content that encourages engagement.

II. Types of Users

An average user registers for your site when attempting to add an event to their list, RSVP, enter a Giveaway, or create an event for the first time.

What they can do:
  • Build a profile with a single photo
  • Add events
  • Add artists
  • Add venues
Note: We have checks against dupes and cross-checking should be part of your content management process.

What they can NOT do:
  • Edit existing events, artists, or venues
  • Have icons that display on event cards or pages
A Tastemaker is a special featured user that is either a local influencer (music blogger, promoter, artist, etc.) who is part of your Tastemaker program or a media influencer that provides a curated list of events for a target audience (Invisible Oranges, Okay Player). Tastemaker status is a Permission that you grant via the Admin user profile. This permission enables Tastemakers to all of the average user features listed above AND the ability to edit ANY event on your site. It also causes their event votes to count for 7x that of an average user.

Tastemakers feature on your site in the following locations:
  • Their icons/links appear on the event cards and pages of their votes
  • The “Recommendations by Tastemakers” list in the search fly-out
  • The Tastemakers list in the Featured section at the end of each page
  • The All Tastemakers list
Note: The order of Tastemaker appearance in these lists is by most recent activity to encourage your Tastemakers to be active on your site!

Promo users are users that you set to show special descriptions and design. Average users cannot customize or include HTML in their descriptions or have customized pages. The Promo user setting allows this. Many if not all of your Tastemakers should be set to Promo users. The setting is for design ONLY and does not grant permission to edit on the site.

Related: Basic User Creation to setup users in Admin; Additional Permissions to create Admin Managers, ECP Managers, and Event Editors.

III. Users vs. Lists

User accounts drive lists. To setup a list, you can create a user account with profile information that reflects the list. List pages can showcase events by having the account vote on certain shows or venues or artists by having the account “follow” them. Your lists should be set as Promo users to enable customization.

IV. User Contributed Content

As cited above, ALL users can contribute content to your site by adding events, venues, and artists. We display their additions in realtime so that they can appreciate and share their content immediately. We have checks in place to give error notifications if a new entry is a potential duplicate. Content management also entails monitoring user-added content. Since events and venues populate in Admin by recently added, you should regularly check these pages for new additions.

V. Engaging Users

The more great content you feature on your site, from RSVPs to lists, the more you offer users, the more users you will gain. So content is the core of your product and essential to all that follows.

Your users may send you questions about the site or reach out to you in other ways, and you should take advantage of any opportunity to connect with them directly. Here is some guidance for responding to their site questions.