Front-End Editing

I. Introduction

On both events and pages on the front-end of your site, you have the ability to customize description content directly via our WYSIWYG that actually lets you see exactly what you get. We modeled it after Medium’s editor. The editor is super streamlined and simple, but you have the ability to use HTML if you prefer. 

We want to make customizing content easy-peasy to ensure you have the time and patience to make your site more awesome. When you make your site more awesome, your users have a more awesome experience discovering what’s going on and so are more likely to go out and DO stuff.

II. Editing Event Descriptions and Pages

Users with ANY level of permissions can edit events and pages* when logged in.

Simply navigate to the event or page you wish to edit. Click into the area below the image/header area where the main content appears and begin typing to enter text!

To customize text, highlight it and select from the formatting options.

*Users with ANY level of permissions also have the option to “Build Page” via the MyXXX dropdown. 

III. Adding Images and Video

If you wish to add an image or video, paste the URL of the image or video as text. Then highlight the URL and select the image or video icon from the formatting options.

Magically, the image or video will appear! 


The small “</>” icon to the left of the content area will open a modal to directly edit the content HTML. If you are familiar with HTML, you can customize the content by changing font color, linking images, resizing items, etc… 

Once you have customized the HTML, select to “Preview Changes.”

V. Publish!

Once you have made any changes via the editor or HTML, be sure to select the "Publish" button. This will force the changes live on your site immediately.