Case Study: 12 Days of Giveaways

Do416 created 12 Days of Giveaways as a way to drum up audience acquisition and engagement in the relatively slower winter months, while at the same time opening the door for additional revenue from new advertising partners. Read below for a full guide on the campaign's components, execution, and results. 

Campaign Overview

  • The campaign focused around 12 separate giveaways hosted on Do416

  • Each one was live for only a single day to create urgency to enter

  • The events were promoted via a dedicated blast and around $20 in spend on Facebook

  • Each prizing partner was a trade agreement. Do416 provided the partner with exposure via promotion and contesting, and the partner provided the prize and agreed to share via their own channels

    • Note that the trade arrangement worked well for Do416 to lock in larger partners as a method of user acquisition. For those with sizable existing audiences, selling in the prizing partners is a great way to get additional revenue from this campaign. 

    • Either way, you should be leaning on partners to share the contesting with their audience. Check out this post from WayHome fest to see the importance of coordinating promotion with your prizing partners.

  • Examples of prizes used for the campaign (all prizes can be viewed here)

    • VIP Fest Tickets to: WayHome, Boots and Hearts, and Field Trip festivals

    • $200 to a local brewery/restaurant

    • Tickets to a dozen shows put on by a local promoter

Campaign Execution

  • First step is to secure prizing for each day. Ian estimates he hit up around 20 partners and contacts, eventually getting 12 of them to commit to the campaign. Lead with your most engaging contest to gain as much exposure as possible at the start.

  • As prizing is being secured, create a user to host all the giveaways

  • When prizing is locked in for a given day, create a hidden single day event for each giveaway with a day-specific vanity URL

  • For each day of the campaign:

    • Unlock the event

    • Promote the event on your channels

    • Send the link to the partner to promote on their channels

    • Choose a winner

    • Repeat for duration of campaign

  • Feel free to use this copy of Jamie’s Asana project to manage the entire campaign

Campaign Results

  • $1,800 in new business directly related to the contesting, including a prizing partner and two new promoters that had previously been unwilling to spend with Do416

  • Over 25,000 pageviews to the related pages
  • Over 12,000 giveaway entrants
  • Over 2,000 net new subscribers

Now that Do416 has proof of concept for 12 Days of Giveaways, they plan to run similar campaigns multiple times throughout the year. The ultimate goal is getting a brand to sponsor the entire series now that they have hard numbers around the kind of engagement this drives.

Want to do something similar in your market? We're here to help! Whether you want assistance designing the email blasts, creating decks to sell in sponsors, or just general tips, hit us up!